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seriously depressed

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:32, 13 Sty 2014    Temat postu: seriously depressed

seriously depressed
i dont feel like i'm getting anywhere. its been like 2 months and i've lost 3 pounds. just 3. yesterday i weighed myself and once again, i'm 122.2. so i was depressed and ate 1700 calories yesterday. and today i ate 1500. i feel so fat right now and i'm seriously considering going back to my crashdiet days. i KNOW i shouldn't and i KNOW it'll just throw me backwards, but i just want to see the numbers go lower :( i just want to be happy. and thin. i feel like i'm getting fatter. but maybe that's because i pigged out today and i'm all bloated and crap.
i need some encouragement, please :(
lighterrose, my former roommate was your height and weight, and the girl was BONY. What other people are telling you is the truthyou can't lose weight right now because you have none to lose. You really will do serious harm to your body if you keep this up, and it seems like your eating disorder is already ruining your life, if you're suffering from anxiety attacks and are "seriously depressed." You are painfully skinny, and if you still think you need to lose weight, you have a disorder. Many girls are unhappy with their weight, yes, but there are few who would take it to the extremes you have.
I think you'd be surprised at what you could tell your parents. Even if you think you don't have that kind of relationship with them, parents are parents. They will want to help you. Approach your mom when you've got some quiet time. Chances are, your parents have already noticed a lot of your issues.
If you really don't think you could talk to your parents, get them to schedule a doctor's visit for you. Use some pretext like a sore throat or whatever. Talk to your doctor, and tell her you want it to be confidential. Talk to a teacher you trust, a counselor, an eating disorder support hotline.
Hmm. I know several teenage girls, one of whom actually lived under my roof and I know of not a single one who counted calories. Matter of fact, I had dinner with another one just the other night, and all she cared about was a Coach purse, not how many calories were going in her mouth. And, she had a lovely figure too.
You have placed yourself in a dangerous situation and you are making excuses. That just isn't healthy. I understand that you feel you have no one to go to for help, but honestly, that is never true. Sometimes it might not be your first choice, but there is always someone. Being a teenager IS extremely stressful. believe. I wouldn't do it again if you paid me. However, life is longer than that, and if you want a healthy future I hope that you find some assistance and direction now.
Everything I have seen you post indicates that you DO indeed have an eating disorder. There is a difference between counting calories and obsessing over a number on a scale. You are also eating to little. Your body is probably holding onto everything it can because it doesn't want to starve! It seems you are not willing to listen to peoples advice either. Please seek help from a professional. I am not saying this to be mean I am saying this because I care,[url=]louis vuitton pas cher[/url]. It hurts to see such young girls go through this. You are already underweight and you want to lose? Does that not alone seem odd to you? Your thinking is clearly very distorted. I know you can't fix this overnight. however there are many people out there that are willing to help believe it or not. We online can only do so much. It's up to you to actually do something about it. Please just consider it.
I know you probably think everyone is ganging up on you. This is not the case. Everyone is just worried about someone as young as yourself being so concerned about their weight. When I was in high school I never cared, I played softball and was a cheerleader and could still put down a medium pizza by myself. Now I don't recommend you do that but you may want to think about increasing your calories with all the physical activities that you are doing. Please don't think poorly of yourself, I'm 26 and sit in front of a mirror every day and think to myself that I'm not worthy of anything and I am the exact opposite of you I put so much food in my mouth to make me feel better that I just keeping getting bigger and bigger. Tell someone that you feel bad and let them help you, do it now while you are young and still have people around that are willing to help. It will be worth it in the end. Please take care of yourself and please work on a better self image!
Sweetie, we all have something roll up when we sit down. That is our skin it isn't any kind of flab. There has to be some skin there or else, you wouldn't be able to stand up (this amazing bending body that God blessed us with!) :D I know that you think that it is abnormal to have that little bit of skin, but every one does even celeb's do. They airbrush that out of magazines. If I can find the weblink on this website, then I will prove it to you. I don't want you hurting yourself because you feel like you have flab. that I don't see how it could exist if you are 122 and 5'8. Stay strong, and don't do anything drastic to your young and still maturing body. PLEASE!

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